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Specialised Transport

Container system for vertical loading

We present to you a unique container system for transporting and vertically lifting and lowering 20 ft. ISO containers. This multi-functional system enables us not only to vertically lift and lower 20 ft. containers, but also to empty them. This container system is used for all loosely dumped material (e.g. steel scrap/fertilizer/sugar/soda/plastics…) and can be deployed in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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"Container system for vertical loading"

Vacuum Bulk

To remove the material stored in the silo, we have a vacuum silo truck. This truck is used to suck the product out of the silo into the vacuum truck. It can then be unloaded into another silo. This bulk truck can be deployed all over Europe.

Tilting Chassis with a Rotary Valve

We have tilting chassis equipped with a rotary valve to handle your bulk goods in containers. Both direct and indirect deliveries are possible.

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"Bag in Box Logistics"